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  • Sniffing out lung infection - Research into breath volatile analysis of infection is growing rapidly within the last decade, particularly with concern over antibiotic resistance. Volatiles from pathogenic microbes and host metabolism can used as
  • Dr Robert – hoorah! - Congratulations Dr Robert Eendebak who succesfully defended his PhD (28 Sept). And especially so as this was with no corrections! The title of Dr Robert's PhD is "The potential relationships between
  • Through-container detection counterfeit alcohol using SORS - Our latest Food Security research, published in Scientific Reports, is receiving considerable attention in the press and on social media.  This work involves the through-container detection of fake spirits with
  • Dr Ewa – congratulation - Congratulations! to Dr Ewa Szula who successfully defended her PhD today (14 September).  Ewa's thesis was entitled "Metabolic profiling and imaging of CHO cells for fusion protein production" and was funded
  • We remember our friends in Manchester - We remember our city friends in Manchester and all those who have been affected by the Manchester Arena Bombing on 22 May 2017. Here is a truly inspiration poem about

Software: We have developed free and open source data analyses solutions in Matlab via GitHub and PyChem in Python, which you can read about in Bioinformatics.  More chemometrics and tutorials are available via our resources tab.

Analytical Solutions: Our SOPs for MS-based metabolomics and SERS are available here.

Metabolomics: This is an exciting dynamic research area that is gaining momentum and we are pleased to announce:

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