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2 PhD studentships available

If you are interested in joining our group we currently have two PhD positions available:

These are fully-funded PhDs in the Institute of Integrative Biology (IIB) in the University of Liverpool.

The close date for both is Thursday, February 28, 2019.

You will join a dynamic research group based in the IIB where the focus is to investigate cellular metabolism. Details of the current projects and diversity of work, as well as more general papers, can be found here.


Coconut Water and Food Security News

David and Howbeer with a handheld Raman spectrometer

David and Howbeer on You and Yours:


Our work on the detection of adulteration in cococnut water with Raman spectroscopy has recently featured on BBC Radio programme You and Yours.

  • To read our paper in Food Chemistry
  • The interview also dicusses counterfeit alcohol detection with spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) and you can read about our work published in Scientific Reports 


Our work features in UoM In Abstract

We are delighted to see that our research work with Jon Lloyd and other colleagues in Earth and Environmental Sciences on algal colonization within a nuclear fuel storage pond which was published in mBio in June now features in The University of Manchester's In Abstract: Edition 06.

Many congratulations Dr Claire!

Many congratulations to Dr Claire Pickering for successfully defended her PhD on Thursday 9th August 2018.

Claire's PhD is entitled "Development of rapid reagentless, in situ detection of biological threat agents and assessment and correction of the environmental conditioning on the vibrational spectrum".  

This was a DSTL funded PhD studentship and the primary supervisor was Dr Matt Baker (University of Strathclyde).

The supervisory team are very grateful to the examination board: Professor Josep Sulé-Suso (Royal Stoke University Hospital and Keele University) and Dr Alison Nordon (University of Strathclyde)

Happy Retirement Mark

Dr Mark H Barley retired from the group at the end of November after a varied and interesting career spanning 34 years in both industry and academia.

After taking his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia, followed by Post Doctoral research in North Carolina and Cambridge (UK) he joined the chemical company ICI as an electrochemist. After working on two short electrochemical projects he moved to a thermodynamics and physical chemistry role in support of the marketing and manufacture of ozone friendly refrigerants; followed by a period working on fragrances and flavours.

On leaving ICI in 2006 he obtained a Post-Doctoral position in the Centre for Atmospheric Science at Manchester University modeling the chemical composition of atmospheric aerosol; and then the position at the MIB studying Genetic Algorithms, where he was a very valuable and nice member of our group.

We wish Mark a very long and wonderful retirement.

Highlights from 2017

2017 has been a very successful year for our research group. Here are some highlights:

We successfully graduate 7 PhD students. We are very proud of this and this is a record for our group and won't be beaten for some time. Congratulations to:

  • Dr Neha Dhami (2017) Interference of central metabolism (TCA cycle) to influence CHO cell productivity. UCB.
  • Dr Chloe Westley (2017). Raman Spectroscopy and its Enhancement Techniques for Direct Monitoring of Biotransformations. BBSRC.
  • Dr Abdu Subaihi (2017) The Development of Enhanced Raman Scattering for the Analysis of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Compounds in Biofluids.  Saudi Arabia Government.
  • Dr Ewa Szula (2017) Metabolic profiling and imaging of CHO cells for fusion protein production. BBSRC.
  • Dr Robert Eendebak (2017) The potential relationships between hormone biomarkers and functional and health outcomes of ageing – a multinational longitudinal cohort study of ageing in men. BBSRC.
  • Dr Heidi Fisk (2017) Raman Spectroscopy for the Direct Monitoring of Microbial Biotransformations. BBSRC CASE with GSK.
  • Dr Mekhala Spencer (2017) The development of Raman spectroscopy for monitoring industrial biopharmaceuticals. BBSRC CASE with Pall.

We are very grateful to all funders for these PhD projects.

In 2017 we also saw our first retirement:

  • We sincerely wish Dr Mark Barley a very long and wonderful retirement and we wish you lots of joyous time with your family. We also look forward to seeing Mark from time to time in the MIB and hearing more of his travels.

Some key papers published in 2017 include:

We successfully visited our favourite analytical journal 4 times in 2017, and one of these featured on the Front Cover:

Finally, Roy was made a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales (FLSW) in May and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) in October.