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News from the Biospec group.

Well done Ali on your PhD

Congratulations to Ali who successfully defended his PhD yesterday (6th July).


Dr Ali Sayqal’s PhD is on metabolomics for investigating drug and solvent stress on environmental bacteria. In particular Pseudomonas putida which included knockout in several important efflux pumps.

Read about his work here:

Many thanks to Ali’s examiners Dr John Crosby (University of Bristol) and Prof Jon Lloyd.

Fellow of Metabolomics Society

Roy is delighted to announce that at last week's Metabolomics Society meeting in Dublin he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Metabolomics Society. The award says that this is:

"In recognition of your pioneering work in establishing the Metabolomics Society (Director 2005-2015) and establishment of the journal Metabolomics (2005) as the premier journal in the field. Your sustained record of academic contributions and service as a goodwill ambassador for the area of metabolomics has materially advanced the role of metabolomics in the scientific community.”

Many thanks to the Metabolomics Society I am honoured to receive this prestigious award.

And also many thanks to @CraigWheelock for the picture below:

Fellow Metabolomic Society

Double success at RSC Analytical Poster twitter conference

Congratulations to both Mekhala (Spencer) and Claire (Pickering) from our group who both won prizes at the Royal Society of Chemistry twitter poster day sponsored by the RSC journals Analyst, JAAS and Analytical Methods.

Project information:

  • Mekhala is working on a BBSRC BRIC PhD entitled “The development of Raman spectroscopy for the monitoring of industrial bioprocesses” with PALL Corporation as the biopharmaceutical industrial partners.
  • Claire is studying “Rapid Identification of Surface Deposited Bacterial Biological Warfare Simulants using Vibrational Spectroscopy” for her PhD. This is sponsored by DSTL National PhD Scheme, and she is based up in Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry University of Strathclyde with her primary supervisor being Dr Matt Baker.

For more on this twitter poster conference:



Meat, the metabolites out now, as seen on Chemistry World!

Chemistry World has featured our paper entitled “Meat, the metabolites: an integrated metabolite profiling and lipidomics approach for the detection of the adulteration of beef with pork” which has just been published in Analyst. The paper published today with an artistic front cover, touches a very important issue in food safety – adulteration of beef with pork. A panel of these differential metabolites identified, may act as food resilience biomarkers allowing for early intervention and corrective regulatory action within food supply chain, following further validations.

For more details: 

Trivedi DK, Hollywood KA, Rattray NJW, Ward H, Trivedi DK, Greenwood J, Ellis DI and Goodacre R (2016), Meat, the metabolites: an integrated metabolite profiling and lipidomics approach for the detection of the adulteration of beef with pork. Analyst 141, 2155-2164. DOI:  10.1039/C6AN00108D